Artist statement

Regardless of the medium I’m currently working with, I consider myself an essayist. The thing I care about the most is to uncover the complexities of what we perceive as banal and unimportant; to give a second look to something that is taken for granted or even designed to go unnoticed.

In the recent past, I started exploring the intersection of film and data visualization, and my works are headed towards full automation and AI. My aim is to bring film into the 21st century by developing open source tools and using open data and imagery.

The environment that appears in many of my works is that of a city’s periphery – that’s where I grew up and the where I feel at home. It both haunts and inspires me; I can’t help but love the semi-wild landscape permeated by highways and box-like architecture. The periphery has an air of otherworldliness and the impossibility of escape connected to it always makes up for its non-excitement or outright boredom. I would say that its beauty can seem frustrating and even perverse – and the same can be said about my works.

Thanks to my overly analytical attitude, I’m interested in how (peripheral) surroundings and the media shape who we are. In a single breath, I can go from subtle lyricism to politics – and back again. With my experience as a social media manager, my works tend to dissect the acts of how we market and sell ourselves and how we did so in the past.

I put on the masks of many of my heroes, but to name a few: Edward Hopper, Ed Ruscha, Robert Smithson, David Lynch, Jonas Mekas, JG Ballard, Harun Farocki.

Curriculum Vitae

October 2017 – September 2019
Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czechia
Film & TV Faculty, Center for AV Studies
Master's Degree

September 2018 – October 2018
Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre, Toronto, Canada
Internship at the Tech Department

October 2016 – September 2017
Schwules Museum*, Berlin, Germany
Internship at the PR Department

September 2014 – September 2017
Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czechia
Film & TV Faculty, Center for AV Studies
Bachelor's Degree

April 2013 – September 2013
Cultural Center Kontakt, Bratislava, Slovakia
Event Manager

September 2012 – August 2013
Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia
Film Faculty, Department of AV Studies

September 2008 – August 2012
Gymnázium Velka okruzna, Zilina, Slovakia

February 1993
born in Zilina, Slovakia



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