Abstract Horror

HD film, 5.1ch sound | 19 min | 2019


The dark future is already here, we only need to invest in current trends of decay and disruption. Abstract Horror is a speculative animated essay focusing on new forms of ideology mediated by technology. The film focuses on the so-called neo-reactionary movement, which primarily includes Silicon Valley visionaries, and it reflects the thought processes of this group. Its abstract horror might have a very specific form.

Cast & Crew

Franz Milec / animation, editing, effects, sound design
Toyota Vangelis / vocals, vocal composition
Martin Blauber / sound mix
Anna Bělková / production assistant

Selected Screenings

Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival 2019 / Jihlava, Czechia

Tech Rider

1x HD projector or large HD TV screen
1x 5.1 sound system with SPDIF input
1x media player with HDMI and SPDIF output