The End Is Near

generative artwork | 2016


The apocalypse is constantly present in our collective consciousness – with all the recent news pointing to it and Hollywood blockbusters priming us to start rebuilding once it comes and some of us manage to survive. The End Is Near tries to tap into this fear we share. Every time someone tweets the string “the end is near”, the app gets the user’s current location and finds what the sky above them looks like on Google StreetView. 

The application was written in Processing and it uses Google and Twitter APIs. It runs on a networked Raspberry Pi.

Cast & Crew

Franz Milec / scripting, design

Selected Exhibitions

Visions, Berlínskej Model Gallery / Prague, Czechia
Visions, Aa Collections Gallery / Vienna, Austria
CASting off, Galerie AMU / Prague, Czechia

Tech Rider

1x large HD TV screen
1x Windows mini PC or Raspberry Pi