Fragments 3

video installation, 2ch sound | 3 min | 2015


The installation raises serious questions about memories and the technical images that carry them. Is home video a medium of nostalgia or a medium of memory creation? Do we really narrate it or are we just characters drowned in its ideology? In our era of self-marketing and active personality construction on social media, we should examine the roots of these practices. 

The voice-over audio track is fed into the video channel, creating a disruption in the image every time the narrator speaks.

Cast & Crew

Franz Milec / concept, editing, sound
František Milec I / himself
František Milec II / himself

Selected Exhibitions

CAS: Klauzury 2015, Galerie AMU / Prague, Czechia

Tech Rider

SD TV screen
2.0 sound system
media player with RCA output