I Couldn't Help But Wonder

HD video, 2ch sound | 2 min | 2014


Portuguese philosopher Lucio Pinheiro dos Santos wrote about rhythm as a tool that can heal a human soul suffering from apathy, uniformity, and everydayness.

This theory is realized as a video triptych, pointing to the therapeutical experience of a simple, plain train ride. Three separate landscapes periodically sync and dissolve into one another, in order to create a pleasant organized chaos.

Cast & Crew

Franz Milec / camera, editing, sound

Selected Exhibitions

Wanderlust, Galéria Dunaj / Bratislava, Slovakia
CAS: Klauzury 2014, Galerie AMU / Prague, Czechia

Tech Rider

HD projector or large HD TV screen
2.0 sound system
media player with HDMI output