live cinema, 4ch sound* | 10 min | 2016


Peripheral blends audio, video, and heart beat recorded at the same place at the same time and it aims to reconstruct my own experience of Prague's periphery. Flows and rhythms of the location and the body merge in a data visualization / sonification and approach the answer to the question: How do you find the averages of your perception?

With every flash of the flickering, a quickly disappearing image projects onto the viewer's retina.

*The work has also been exhibited as a video loop with 2ch sound.

Cast & Crew

Franz Milec / script, director, editor, sound, programing
Lea Petříková / sound

Selected Screenings

Famufest 2017, Galerie Hybernská / Prague, Czechia
CAS: Klauzury, Galerie AMU / Prague, Czechia

Tech Rider

HD projector or large HD TV screen
4.0 or 5.1 sound system (alternatively 2.0)
media player with HDMI output