live cinema, 4ch sound | 10 min | 2016

Peripheral blends audio, video, and heart beat recorded at the same place at the same time and it aims to reconstruct my own experience of Prague's periphery. Flows and rhythms of the location and the body merge in a data visualization / sonification and approach the answer to the question: How do you find the averages of your perception?

With every flash of the flickering, a quickly disappearing image projects onto the viewer's retina.

test 1

Lost Time (Interstate 40)

2ch HD video | 4 & 3 min | 2016

"It was a fairly typical flânerie; I'm looking at the sky over Berlin's Tiergarten – in a slightly different way than Walter Benjamin used to. Methinks: Do the clouds look like the ones in America? As I'm typing 'route66' into the search field, Maps somehow suggests Interstate 40 instead. I walk up and down the highway, looking at cars and the desert surrounding them. Suddenly, everything goes dark." 

Lost time is documentation of a complex glitch within Google's Street View service, creating an unreal space.


live cinema, 4ch sound | 10 min | 2015

Subversive techniques need not be employed for “major” political objectives. They can include small acts that enable people to liberate themselves from their everyday reality. Such actions can be found in the work of Ľubomír Ďurček, one of the best-known Slovak conceptual artists who directed his attacks at the establishment – not at the Communist government, but at its submissive citizens.

With Lea Petříková, we adapted one of Ľubomír Ďurček´s works, the situation NFRMC – Information about hands and people, which he performed in 1982.


generative artwork | 2015

"Remediation is usually thought of as one medium devouring another. This, however, is not necessarily correct - we should think about it as coming from inside of the original medium, something that was there since its creation." 

An old slide projector loses its function and is transformed into a noise machine, using a Raspberry Pi, 4 mics, and a generative composition written in Pure Data. The listener can focus on the sonic details of the machine which were originally its unwanted side effects. 

I Couldn't Help But Wonder

HD video, 2ch sound | 2 min | 2014

Portuguese philosopher Lucio Pinheiro dos Santos wrote about rhythm as a tool that can heal a human soul suffering from apathy, uniformity, and everydayness.

This theory is realized as a video triptych, pointing to the therapeutical experience of a simple, plain train ride. Three separate landscapes periodically sync and dissolve into one another, in order to create a pleasant organized chaos.

Fragments 3

video installation, 2ch sound | 3 min | 2015

The installation raises serious questions about memories and the technical images that carry them. Is home video a medium of nostalgia or a medium of memory creation? Do we really narrate it or are we just characters drowned in its ideology? In our era of self-marketing and active personality construction on social media, we should examine the roots of these practices. 

The voice-over audio track is fed into the video channel, creating a disruption in the image every time the narrator speaks.

Fragments 1

video installation | 2 min | 2014

In our lives, there are not many moments when we are completely free. This video presents a simple, happy impression from a time long gone, captured on VHS back in 1996. Maybe a little nostalgic and naïve, but with a sense of wilderness and complete lack of restraints only a child can have. 

Walk With Me

interactive slideshow | 2014

A tiny virtual world where one can only move forward or backward, starting trapped in a mundane reality of a rural periphery, ending with an abstract world created on the celluloid with bleach and solarization during the development. The visuals focus on the peripheries of Prague and Beroun and were created on film by an analog camera and multiple chemical processes.